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Discover the best protection you can get for your Intellectual Property
in my new book, and get daily insider tips that will maximize the
protection of your milliondollar idea.

Why Choose Us?



Our partners have both worked at several law firms. Our partners are 1) Andrew Abramson, who was  school class, and 2) The other partner has a PhD from Brown in medical  sciences.   

Andrew does IP for computer
related ideas (software, apps, 
servers, etc.). The other partner
does IP for medical ideas and
consumer products. We take
our time to get your IP right. 

We give our clients updates at every step, from before filing your IP with drafts and status of the work to after we file your IP. We are an innovative, user-
friendly & cost-effective IP firm.


...who want to

be the first

to file their

invention in a way

that protects it

from being copied.

...any IP that

a person creates is

their IP if protected by

law. Trademarks are

used to distinguish

companies' goods &

services from those of

other companies.  Trademarks

can protect names,

logos, etc. owners must

innovate. Innovation

may create more sales.

New product and

service creation

go together with IP

(patents and


...startups must be


 different from


 every other




 Differentiation is




 through filing IP


 with the Patent and Trademark


 Office (USPTO).


What people say

We protect your IP
and your million dollar idea.
Our rates are about half of
what most IP firms charge.

We can change the world, one idea at a time...

We give $20 to a different charity after every purchase.

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