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Finally! How To Get An Issued Patent or Trademark Without Sacrificing Years Of Your Hard Work Guaranteed Or You Get Paid By Our Firm!

*conditions apply and not available in every IP plan (see payment pages)

Why are we different and why should you hire us? Because we have Our Rock-Solid Guarantee: 

Our Rock-Solid Guarantee

Low-cost Online
Services Offering IP
Traditional Law
Patent Profiler
Charges a set price for every service provided
Does not have a page limit for the work
Does not bill by time spent on the work
Work drafted by partners and experienced attorneys, not junior attorneys and then checked by partners
Can ask any question on IP and get an answer by an IP expert
Get guaranteed issued patent and trademark or we'll pay you out of our own pockets!

Also, if you are not happy with our work, we will try to fix the problem. If you are still not happy after we try to fix the issue, we will give you a full refund and hire and pay another firm to work on your IP.

                                     Claim Your Free IP Detective Consultation  ($800 value)


- You and your business are making a mistake if you are not filing IP.

- We only represent a small number of clients. Book a call with us and we will determine if we want to represent your company for IP.



Finally...An Easy Way For You To Get A Competitive Advantage!


Are you sick of offering the same or similar offers as your competitors? Tired of the sameness? And looking for ways to be unique and different? We help companies obtain issued intellectual property (IP) and we do most of the work.

Achieving more revenue for your company can be much easier than you think. Many people simply don’t know the correct steps to take to get more sales. Your business has to be different. Different is better than better.  The way to be different is through IP. Filing a patent application on a new product or service is the first step to being different.


Many Companies Will Never Get More Sales Without The Right Help



Sadly, many companies will never reach their desired outcome. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t been taught the right way to get more sales. It doesn’t have to be this way for you, though. The second way to be different is through a trademark filing. Filing a trademark application on your website name or product/service name is the second step to being different.  

 Claim Your Free IP Detective Consultation  ($800 value)


Most Small Businesses Say That They Can't Afford IP

Most law firms have this insane belief that they have to bill hourly to make lots of money. For example, many law firms charge premium billing rates—close to $2,000 per hour per partner and associates were charging $595 to $1,105 per hour. Lynn LoPucki, A Restructuring Law Professor At UCLA Law, Said “It’s Hard To Get Across What A Totally Insane System This Is.” Although most firms bill this exact way (hourly), we take a different approach. We DO NOT bill hourly. Instead, we have a set price for every service offered. This saves our clients a huge amount of money.


Our main focus is to file IP for inventors, designers, startups, and businesses formed around or less than 10 years ago.






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