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      This area is a discussion forum for my subscribers. You can ask questions to other people (business owners) or get new ideas.

      It can be now, anytime in the future, or never. There is no pressure.

      These ideas are strictly confidential and willl only be seen by me and other subscribers who visit this page. You can but do not have to write your name or email address after your post for someone to reply to you.

      If you see that someone filled out a box, please type in the NEXT available box. If you type in the same box as another person and click Submit, it will erase the first person's input. You can see what boxes are filled out already by looking at the bottom of the page (after the Submit button) to see what has already been posted.



          Call us at 978-376-2157 or Email us at [email protected]

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          Our partners have both worked at law firms. Our partners are:

          1) Andrew Abramson, who was ranked #1 in his first year law school class, and

          2) The other partner has a PhD from Brown.


          We can change the world, one idea at a time...

          We give $20 to a different charity after every purchase.

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